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What is garage keepers insurance?

When businesses temporarily store customer vehicles, the business generally assumes responsibility for those vehicles. Any damage could result in expensive repair costs that a garage, tow company, or other business might have to pay. Garage keepers insurance may help Massachusetts businesses that keep customers’ vehicles protect themselves from this risk.

Garage keepers insurance normally provides liability coverage for customer vehicles while a business has the vehicles. The insurance may help pay repair costs if a vehicle is damaged or stolen.

Which businesses in Massachusetts need to carry garage keepers liability insurance?

Any Massachusetts businesses that take temporary possession of customer vehicles may want garage keepers liability insurance. This broadly includes those that tow, park, repair, or store vehicles. For example, coverage is frequently purchased by:

  • Dealerships with auto service centers
  • Independent auto repair shops
  • Self-employed mechanics
  • Quick oil change places
  • Towing companies
  • Vehicle storage businesses
  • Valet Parking services
  • Police departments that impound vehicles

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Garage Keepers Insurance Massachusetts

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What sorts of damage can garage keepers liability insurance cover?

Garage keepers liability insurance usually covers multiple causes of vehicle damage or loss. Depending on policy specifics, incidents such as the following might be covered:

  • Single-vehicle accidents
  • Multi-vehicle accidents
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Fire and smoke
  • Hail and other severe weather
  • Natural disasters

Coverage generally applies regardless of whether vehicles are on a business’s property or being driven on a road, so long as the vehicle is in a business’s possession.

Does garage keepers liability insurance include coverage for large trucks?

Garage keepers policies certainly are available for large commercial trucks, but not every policy is intended to cover these vehicles. An insurance agent who knows garage keepers well can check a policy’s terms to see if it’d cover commercial trucks.

Garage Keepers Insurance Massachusetts


Does garage keepers liability include coverage for exotic cars?

Similarly, garage keepers policies can but don’t necessarily cover exotic cars. Exotic, rare, and classic cars might be worth more than what a garage keeper policy’s standard protections are intended for. If coverage isn’t standard, it’s likely available through an optional feature or a different policy.

An insurance agent who’s specialized in garage keepers liability policies can also help with finding a policy that covers exotic and other high-value cars.

Does garage keepers liability cover customers’ items that are left in vehicles?

Garage keepers liability normally doesn’t include coverage for customers’ personal items that are left in vehicles. Many businesses address this by disclaiming that they aren’t responsible for personal items. If coverage for personal items is wanted for some reason, however, an experienced agent can see what coverage options are available.

Are the vehicles that a business owns covered by garage keepers liability?

Garage keepers liability is primarily for the liability risks that come with taking possession of others’ vehicles. It normally doesn’t offer protection for any vehicles that a business owns. Commercial auto insurance is usually needed instead.

How are direct primary liability coverage and legal liability coverage different?

Garage keepers policies might offer either direct primary liability coverage or legal liability coverage. The two options differ in what claims they typically protect against:

  • Direct Primary Liability: Usually covers claims for which the business is legally responsible, and some other claims as well. This tends to be more robust protection but also costs more.
  • Legal Liability: Usually covers only claims for which the business has a legal responsibility. This tends to be more affordable, but also can be much more narrow in the protection it provides.

Which of these a business should choose depends largely on the business’s budget and expectations of its customers. A service center that has many repeat customers might want direct primary liability, and so too might a valet service at a high-end hotel. A police tow company might be able to get by with just legal liability, however, which would also help keep department overhead lower. Businesses should consult with an insurance agent when deciding which option to choose.

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Where can businesses in Massachusetts get garage keepers insurance?

If your Massachusetts business needs garage keepers insurance, contact the independent agents at Choice Insurance. Our agents will help you find the coverage that your business needs.

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